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MATLAB uses processor-optimized libraries for fast execution of matrix and vector computations. For general-purpose scalar computations, MATLAB uses its just-in-time (JIT) compilation technology to provide execution speeds that rival those of traditional programming languages.


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To take advantage of multicore and multiprocessor computers, MATLAB provides many multithreaded linear algebra and numerical functions. These functions automatically execute on multiple computational threads in a single MATLAB session, enabling them to execute faster on multicore computers.

You can take further advantage of multicore desktop and other high-performance computing resources such as GPUs and clusters with add-on parallel computing products. These products provide high-level constructs that let you parallelize applications with only minor changes to MATLAB code.

Application Development and Deployment

MATLAB tools and add-on products provide a range of options to develop and deploy applications. You can share individual algorithms and applications with other MATLAB users or deploy them royalty-free to others who do not have MATLAB.

Designing Graphical User Interfaces

Using GUIDE (Graphical User Interface Development Environment), you can lay out, design, and edit custom graphical user interfaces. You can include common controls such as list boxes, pull-down menus, and push buttons, as well as MATLAB plots. Graphical user interfaces can also be created programmatically using MATLAB functions.

Deploying Applications

To distribute an application directly to other MATLAB users, you can package it as a MATLAB app, which provides a single file for distribution. Apps automatically install in the MATLAB apps gallery for easy access.

To share applications with others who do not have MATLAB, you can use application deployment products. These add-on products automatically generate standalone applications, shared libraries, and software components for integration in C, C++, Java, .NET, and Excel environments. The executables and components can be distributed royalty-free.

Generating C Code

You can use MATLAB Coderâ„¢ to generate standalone C code from MATLAB code. MATLAB Coder supports a subset of the MATLAB language typically used by design engineers for developing algorithms as components of larger systems. This code can be used for standalone execution, for integration with other software applications, or as part of an embedded application.

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