We are engineering project centre located at Ernakulam and Trivandrum, we supported thousands of Btech projects and Mtech projects of students and faculties across kerala to their projects and researches in an ethical way. We extent out services in electronics and communication engineering (ECE) , electrical and electronics engineering (EEE), and computer engineering (CSE). Students get project guidance and training from here in various application area such as power electronics, electric drives, electric vehicle, embedded system, DSP, VLSI , FPGA etc based on IEEE topics.

Nowadays lot of engineers are passing out, but their technical competency is not enough to get a core job. This is due to lack of practical knowledge. We are about to provide some knowledge through academic projects to make them more professional. We are getting good responses from interested students and faculties. We are building up strong relations with academic institutions.

We strongly encourage students to learn the methods for implementing their ideas rather than giving a solution. Our students are able to design and realize their ideas It is a major concern expressed by academic fraternity that most of the project-centres hand over readymade projects to the students rather than train them for doing projects. This impairs the very objective of making of engineers with real technical insight.

We do a humble effort for resolving this major concern by providing guidance and support for doing technical projects. For last two decades we have been providing training in specialized areas such as hardware support for Simulink models, PCB design and programming with different Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Processors, etc.

We train students in MATLAB Simulink implementation for TMS320, dSPIC, Raspberry pi and Arduino by generating code with embedded coder. It gives more efficient code and saves time to implement designs.

Guidance for Btech Projects, Mtech Projects and PhD in Embedded sytem, Electric vehicle, DSP, Power electronics, Motor Drives, Control System, Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, VLSI, FPGA, TMS320, Arduino, Raspberry pi etc.

We discourage Readymade Projects

Readymade projects will degrade the quality of engineering, we discourage those methods. Students will learn to do their designs by experiencing the features of required harwdare and software tools.

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Do it Yourself,Don't go for Readymade

We Don't Sell Projects, Only Give Training

Engineering Projects

  • Arduino Projects
  • Robotics Projects
  • Embedded System Projects
  • DSP Projects
  • Raspberry pi Projects
  • dspic Projects
  • ARM Projects
  • FPGA / CPLD Projects
  • TMS320C2000 Projects
  • MSP430 Projects
  • Tensorflow Projects
  • Python Projects
  • MPPT Solar Projects
  • BLDC Drive Projects
  • Induction motor Drive Projects
  • PMSM Motor Drive Projects
  • Power electronics Projects
  • Matlab Projects