Robotics Project Guidance And Training

Guidance for Btech & Mtech Projects in Robotics

Robotics is very fast growing technology,it covered entire ends of life.Robotics applications are seen in diffferent areas like home automation, construction, manufacturing, medical, etc. there is lot of oppertunities in robotics technology, such as mechanical design, Power design, motion design, navigation, control engineering, artificial intelligence, etc.We have a lot of training facilities in there area including physical design , animation, hardware prototyping etc.
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Robots produce more accurate and high quality work.
Robots rarely make mistakes and are more precise than human workers.
They can produce a greater quantity in a short amount of time.
They can work at a constant speed with no breaks, days off, or holiday time.
They can perform applications with more repeatability than humans.


Robots save time by being able to produce a greater magnitude of products
They also reduce the amount of wasted material used due to their accuracy
Robots save companies money in the long run with quick ROIs (return on investment), fewer worker injuries (reducing or eliminating worker’s comp), and with using less materials.


Robots save workers from performing dangerous tasks.
They can work in hazardous conditions, such as poor lighting, toxic chemicals, or tight spaces.
They are capable of lifting heavy loads without injury or tiring.
Robots increase worker safety by preventing accidents since humans are not performing risky jobs.
Workcells provide safety features, separating the worker from harms way.
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